Abstarct of [JP13]

Antal Á., Ölveczky B.

Spectral analysis of Moiré images

Per. Pol. Mech. Eng., 41/2 (1997), 85-93.

moiré phenomena, Fourier optics, diffraction pattern, spatial filtering

The signal-to-noise ratio of moiré images is quite low. Obtaining useful information from an image can often be problematic, since the contrast of the grid giving rise to the moiré phenomena is similar to the contrast of the moiré fringes that carry the useful information. By using optical filtering techniques it is possible to filter these images real-time. In this paper the authors give an example of an algorithm to design an appropriate spatial filter by comparing the Fourier spectra of a mathematical model of a moiré image with a real moiré image.